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I-Tec Features

  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Continual filling of cavities
  • Pressure insertion for gapless finish
  • More effective than internal chambers
  • Minimised environmental pollution

Thermally insulating windows are a must nowadays for commercial constructions as well as for refurbishment projects. from this conclusion, Internorm developed I-tec Insulation, an innovative window system with thermal retention in mind. The cavities of the applicable windows are filled with granulate instead of foam, enabling even the smallest of gaps to be filled. This type of insulation is used in our uPVC-aluminium windows.

At Internorm we only use HCFC-, HFC- and FC-free insulation materials to insulate our windows. The abbreviations stand for a special combination of the chemical substances fluorine, chlorine and hydrocarbon. These are extremely damaging to the environment due to high carbon emissions during production and have a significant influence on the destruction of the ozone layer.

Thermal retention, assured

Different thermal insulation levels are classified by the U-value. The lower this value, the better. As standard, our windows with I-tec Insulation achieve a significantly lower U-value than conventional commercial windows, which proves the excellent thermal insulation properties of I-tec Insulation. Meaning, no heat loss occurs via the windows which keeps heating costs down and utility bills low for the end user.