AT410 Aluminium entrance doors
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I-Tec Features

  • Security for your home
  • Easy cleaning through innovative design
  • Unlimited adjustment possibilities despite high security class
  • Concealed closing parts maintain sleek appearance
  • End users feel safe through I-tec Locking

Internorm’s I-tec Locking renders levering of windows practically impossible. The specially designed lay-out of flaps instead of pegs which press towards the inside of the frame when locking, facilitates this and therefore works much better as security protection when compared with conventional locking systems.

Nowadays, an excellent standard of security in for windows and doors is essential, whatever the commercial project or application. We have integrated the innovative I-tec Locking already as standard in part of our commercial uPVC-aluminium product range.

Security certification, explained

There are several differentiated window security levels: in basic security, the window is locked with a peg. In class RC1N, windows are locked on all four corners. In the highest security class RC2N, which includes our I-tec Locking windows, security is ensured with all around locking flaps and these windows therefore are the best protected! As a result, as standard, Internorm windows and doors adhere to PAS 24 and Secured by Design regulations for UK security.