Internorm Timber-Aluminium Commercial
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I-Tec Features

  • Sun protection all year round
  • Automatic heat protection in summer
  • No external power source required
  • Automatic day/night recognition
  • Energy self sufficient sun protection

I-tec Shading systems ensure an ideal room climate. This is due to the photovoltaic module and battery, completely without additional power supply! The blinds open and close automatically at sunrise or sunset through the automatic mode.

Additionally, I-tec Shading measures the temperature automatically. This means that during the winter months, the warmth of the sunlight can be optimised as the blinds remain open. This in turn reduces heating costs for the eventual user and ensures perfect sun protection without any effort.

Convenient operation for the end user

If eventual homeowners or end users go away on holiday and forget to shade the windows, the I-tec SmartWindow App offers the ideal solution: allowing them to control their blinds simply and anywhere via their Smartphone or tablet. This makes them a massively appealing innovation for use in your commercial project.