I-Tec Features

  • Control of I-tec innovations
  • Individually adaptable adjustments
  • Free app

With the I-tec Connect, end users can operate their ventilation, shading and fanlight opener conveniently via an App on their Smartphone or tablet. With a few taps, they are able to adjust according to their requirements the air volume of the ventilation or the control of the light with the blinds. Additionally, the intelligent opening control displays the exact opening status of their windows and thereby makes their home a real Smart-home!

At Home Or On The Way

All the end user needs is a Gateway connected via WLAN which is connected to the individual interfaces such as blinds or ventilation of their smart windows. The I-tec innovations can then be operated very easily via the App which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store. Light control as well as ventilation and window control can be conveniently operated at any time via a mobile device, whether they are at home or not.