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I-Tec Features

  • Fresh air with minimum heat loss and no dust exposure
  • Individual room ventilation according to requirements
  • Minimising of risk of mould formation
  • Room ventilation also during rainy weather
  • Possibility to combine with I-tec SmartWindow
  • Automatic ventilation ready

Internorm’s innovative I-tec Ventilation facilitates fresh air in commercial living spaces without end users having to open their windows. This window ventilation provides fresh air 24/7, even when all windows are closed. This fresh air comes in but the warmth in the room, however, does not get lost as with conventional airing. The integrated ventilation which serves for controlled air exchange in the rooms, also helps to prevent mould formation.

An integrated humidity sensor detects when the humidity in the room is too high and activates the ventilation – fully automatically. This is especially important in rooms with high humidity such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Airing correctly despite allergies

Airing can be especially difficult in spring and summer for people with allergies when plants and grasses are flowering and the air is full of pollen. I-tec Ventilation has an integrated pollen filter which keeps pollen out of rooms when airing. Additionally, built-in dust filters ensure clean air without dirt and dust.