HT 400

The HT 400, a timber-aluminium entrance door, is one of our core commercial offerings here at Internorm. Popular thanks to a comprehensive performance, long lifespan and attention-grabbing aesthetics, the profile can be applied to nine of our door models.

Exuding luxury through the use of timber and square edges, these entrance doors deliver a reassuring standard of security for the end user, all without requiring excess upkeep.

  • U-value icon
    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)
    Uw up to 0.73
  • soundproof windows
    Sound reduction (in dB)
    Up to 33
  • secure windows
    Secured by Design & PAS 24
HT400 Internorm Commercial Door
PAS 24 windows
Secured by Design windows

Technical Specifications

Profile Features

Slim Construction Depth

Measuring just 85.5mm in depth, the HF 400 is nearly a third slimmer than our alternative timber-aluminium commercial door. Despite this, they remain thermally retentive, secure and are superbly soundproof.

Profiled Glass Panes

The HT 400 is unique among our commercial timber-aluminium door range. This is because the models come with profiled glass panes, engineered to improve light transfer and both internal and external aesthetics.

Concealed Hardware

While hinges can be exposed, the majority of the HT 400’s hardware will be discreetly hidden from the naked eye. This allows end users to enjoy the aesthetics of their new entrance door, with no unsightly blemishes.

Thermal Foam

Thermal foam insulation is fitted into the core of the HT 400 timber-aluminium profile. Drastically enhancing thermal retention, end users benefit from improved energy efficiency when you choose Internorm systems.


Secure, durable and easy to operate handles are fitted to our HT 400 timber-aluminium entrance door. All our hardware is long lasting, while being specifically designed to complement the overall aesthetics of the door.

Internorm Handles


The profiled glass panes of the HT 400 timber-aluminium entrance door system will be fitted with Internorm’s market leading glazing. Thermally retentive, it can be toughened on request for your commercial project.

Internorm Glazing


Select from a range of colours to suit the model of HT 400 entrance doors you have supplied. We have long lasting, weatherproof options to suit contemporary and traditional properties perfectly.

Internorm Colour Range