HF 400

The HF 400 is a timber-aluminium system that provides a well rounded performance and fantastic aesthetics. Slim in design with just a 75mm construction depth, the profile can serve a multitude of purposes with an array of commercial and residential application.

Fitted with two I-tec innovations and customisable to tastes, the elegant HF 400 system is a core part of our timber-aluminium product range.

  • U-value icon
    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)
    Uw up to 0.70
  • soundproof windows
    Sound reduction (in dB)
    35 - 45
  • secure windows
    Secured by Design & PAS 24
  • concealed window locks

Profile Options

HF 400 Timber Aluminium Windows
PAS 24 windows
Secured by Design windows

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm)

  • Frame construction depth 75
  • View width frame/sash 99
  • View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 106
  • View width transom/mullion (2 sashes) 156
Opening versions

  • Fixed
  • Turn and turn/tilt
  • Tilt
  • Sliding window
  • Lockable doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Doors with threshold
  • Outward opening doors

  • Quantity 3
  • Colour Black

Profile Features

Glued Timber Layers

The core of the HF 400 system is comprised of multiple, ultra thin layers of timber that are glued together. This delivers a fantastic standard of durability and support, without the need for a chunkier or thicker profile.

Triple Gaskets

All Internorm window systems, including the HF 400 timber-aluminium profile, come with three continuous gaskets as standard. This ensures a comprehensive standard of weatherproofing, benefiting the end user massively.

I-tec Glazing

Modern I-tec Glazing will be fitted to the HF 400 timber-aluminium profile. It enhances light transfer by as much as 10% compared with standard glazing, while equally being incredibly durable and thermally retentive.

Versatile Application

The HF 400 system can be applied to a range of different windows, allowing them to suit all styles of property and a range of functions. The slimline design also aids itself well to balcony doors on multi storey commercial projects.


The HF 400 is fitted with secure handles that complement the sleek aesthetics of the Home Pure design. A range of options are available, allowing these windows to suit projects where enhanced security standards are required.

Internorm Handles


Our Internorm I-tec Glazing can be frosted, toughened and otherwise upgraded in an array of different ways. Whether your commercial project is a set of new build houses or luxurious high-rise apartments, our glazing will be fit for purpose.

Internorm Glazing


Customise the profile colour and woodgrain of your HF 400 windows when you choose Internorm for your commercial project. Our entire colour portfolio is long lasting, weatherproof and visually appealing for the end user.

Internorm Colour Range