HF 410

The HF 410 is one of the most popular and widely requested systems in our entire timber-aluminium range. Its versatility, customisation and overall performance levels make it perfect for almost any commercial application.

With an 85mm frame depth and a flush Studio profile, both residential and commercial end users can enjoy the eye-catching aesthetics of the HF 410. All the while, they enjoy fantastic thermal retention, acoustic insulation and certified security standards.

  • U-value icon
    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)
    Uw up to 0.64
  • secure windows
    Sound reduction (in dB)
    33 - 45
  • soundproof windows
    Secured by Design & PAS 24
  • concealed window locks

Profile Options

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm)

  • Frame construction depth 85
  • View width frame/sash 108
  • View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 123
  • View width transom/mullion (2 sashes) 173
Opening versions

  • Fixed
  • Turn and turn/tilt
  • Tilt
  • Sliding window
  • Lockable doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Doors with threshold
  • Outward opening doors

  • Quantity 3
  • Colour Black

Profile Features

Glued Timber Layers

The HF 410 system is engineered with the I-tec Core. Glued timber layers fitted internally within the sash improve the stability and rigidity of these windows. It also improves humidity resistance and allows the profile to be slimmer without compromising on rigidity.

Triple Gaskets

The perimeter of the HF 410 timber-aluminium system features Internorm’s unique, continuous triple gaskets. The end user will benefit from comprehensive weatherproofing standards, both immediately after the project and in the years that follow.

Versatile Application

The HF 410 system is popular with commercial projects because of its versatility. The profile can be applied to fixed and opening windows and a range of door styles. Equally, the designs can be unified with our HF 330 lift-sliding doors.

Concealed Hardware

In order to maintain the popular, sleek aesthetics of the HF 410, all hardware is discreetly concealed within the framework. No unsightly locks or gaskets will affect the overall visual appeal of these flitting fitting windows.


Square edged handles are installed as standard with the HF 410, in-keeping with the aesthetics of the flush Studio profile. Our various handle options are always easy to operate and secure for the eventual end user.

Internorm Handles


Our I-tec Glazing ensures the HF 410, whatever the commercial application, is secure and thermally retentive, while allowing plenty of daylight to pass into the building. Special upgrades, including toughening and frosting, are also available.

Internorm Glazing


Internorm’s colour range includes an array of long lasting, weatherproof finishes that should never require re-painting or varnishing. We have options for all commercial projects, whatever aesthetic you are aiming to achieve.

Internorm Colour Range