HF 510

The HF 510 is the newest triple-glazed Timber-Aluminium profile from Internorm. With versatile applications and Internorm innovation built-in, these premium tilt & turn windows and doors, made with sustainably sourced timber, are ideal for high end commercial projects, including Passivhaus.

Combining the natural feel and properties of timber with the performance benefits of aluminium, the HF 510 is the complete composite solution. End users benefit from industry leading standards of thermal insulation, sound reduction and security when you specify these windows and doors for your commercial project.

  • U-value icon
    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)
    0.65 W/m2K
  • secure windows
    Sound reduction (in dB)
    Up to 43
  • soundproof windows
    RC1N, RC2 (Secured by Design & PAS 24)
  • concealed window locks

Profile Options

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PAS 24 windows
Secured by Design windows

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm)

  • Frame construction depth 85
  • View width frame/sash 99
  • View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 106
Opening versions

  • Fixed
  • Turn and turn/tilt
  • Tilt
  • Sliding Windows
  • Lockable Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Doors with Threshold
  • Outward opening doors

  • Quantity 3
  • Colour Light Grey

Profile Features

I-Tec Core Innovation

Being a Timber-Aluminium profile, the HF 510 comes with our I-tec Core innovation as standard. The laminated layers of timber at the centre of the profile provide exceptional durability and robustness, enabling the manufacture of larger Timber-Aluminium composite windows as well as lift & slide doors.

Outstanding Acoustic Insulation

End users enjoy a better quality of life with Internorm triple-glazed windows, thanks to their inherent soundproof qualities. Decibel reduction levels of up to 43dB are achievable with the HF 510 profile, significantly blocking out external noise. Internorm windows and doors remain at the forefront of innovation.

Slim Frame

The HF 510 Timber-Aluminium composite windows and doors in design style Home Pure are engineered with a slim, modern profile, therefore benefiting from less frame and more glass. Not only does this improve the visual appeal of HF 510 windows and doors, but it also allows for more natural light transfer, improving quality of life and helping rooms feel brighter and more spacious.

Triple Gaskets as Standard

The HF 510 profile is fitted with triple gaskets as standard. These ensure complete weatherproofing, protecting against damp and rotting and providing improved air and water tightness. Combined with our I-tec Core’s resistance to humidity, these Timber-Aluminium windows and doors stand robust in even the harshest conditions.

Versatile Application

The HF 510 Timber-Aluminium tilt & turn windows and doors are made to the client’s specification and are available as single or double openers, as well as balcony doors, can be fitted with Juliet balconies and combined with large lift & slide doors, as well as our HV 450 window with integrated blinds. Find out more in our commercial case studies.


HF 510 windows and doors are operated using square internal handles. A simple, subtle design, they
perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of these Timber-Aluminium profiles. They are also
comfortable and durable for the end user.

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The triple-glazed HF 510 windows are manufactured with the I-tec Glazing innovation is
implemented as standard with all HF 510 systems. The glass units are glued to the sash all the way
round, which considerably improves stability, thermal insulation noise reduction and burglary

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All Internorm Timber-Aluminium composite windows and doors are available in five beautiful,
sustainably sourced timber options: Spruce, oak, larch, walnut, and ash. A wide range of colour
options are available for both the inside and external aluminium cladding to ensure that all designs and architectural styles are catered for.

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