KF 310

The KF 310 is one of the core offerings of Internorm’s commercial product range. A slim uPVC window and door profile with a 71mm construction depth, these high performance systems deliver sleek aesthetics for a variety of different applications.

Also available with an aluminium clad uPVC upgrade, the KF 310 is thermally retentive and secure, while also coming with a rounded edge design and a range of customisation.

  • U-value icon
    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)
    Uw up to 0.69
  • soundproof windows
    Sound reduction (in dB)
    33 - 45
  • secure windows
    Secured by Design & PAS 24
  • concealed window locks

Profile Options

Technical Specifications

Dimension (in mm)

  • Frame construction depth 71
  • View width frame/sash 107
  • View width flying mullion (2 sashes) 119
  • View width transom/mullion (2 sashes) 170
Opening versions

  • Fixed
  • Turn and turn/tilt
  • Tilt
  • Sliding Window
  • Lockable doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Doors with threshold
  • Outward opening doors

  • Quantity 3
  • Colour Light Grey
  • Georgian/feature bars

Profile Features

Six Chamber Profile

The uPVC framework that surrounds the KF 310 window is internally chambered as standard. These six channels complement the thermally retentive nature of the I-tec Glazing we use, allowing the KF 310 to achieve fantastically low U-values.

Triple Gaskets

All Internorm uPVC windows are fitted with triple weather gaskets as standard. This allows the KF 310 to offer complete weatherproofing for the end user or homeowner, never rotting, leaking or causing other laborious issues.

Feature Bar Upgrade

Feature bars are available as a customisation option with the KF 310 uPVC window. As a result, this system can effortlessly blend with the aesthetic of an older property, should your commercial project require such.

Versatile Application

The KF 310 uPVC system is so popular because it can serve a variety of functions. They are available as fixed frame, sliding or outward opening windows, as well as sliding or outward opening uPVC doors.


Discreet yet secure handles are fitted to the KF 310 system as standard. Doing so ensures these profiles adhere to Secured by Design regulations, providing peace of mind for the end user, whatever the commercial project.

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Innovative I-tec Glazing is fitted to every KF 310 uPVC window we supply. Sleek, energy efficient and available with toughened upgrades, our Internorm glass is the finest glazing available for commercial application.

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White as standard, the uPVC framework of the KF 310 can be finished in an array of high quality colour finishes. Whether the commercial project requires a brighter hue or something subtle, Internorm’s KF 310 can accommodate it.

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