uPVC Aluminium vs Aluminium Windows

Modern windows are available in a variety of different materials and depending on their use, each has their own pros and cons. In the past few decades, composite windows have been developed and offer a great alternative to timber or aluminium products.

uPVC-aluminium windows

The uPVC alu clad window, especially those manufactured by Internorm, offer a good combination of strength, durability, modern appearance, and great all-round performance.  

The purpose of this particular window type is to offer the best of both worlds. The tough powder-coated aluminium exterior is available in a wide choice of RAL colours and requires little to no maintenance compared to the more traditional timber windows.

The contemporary uPVC interior is timeless and practical, easy to clean and is ideal for the demands of both bathroom and kitchen environments but perfectly suited to the whole building. Whilst the obvious option may be a standard white finish, there are several foils in a variety of contemporary colours and timber looks to create a warmer or more natural feel within the home.

Internorm high performance uPVC-aluminium windows

Established over 90 years ago, the Internorm brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. The unique I-tec solutions not only offer improved thermal performance and stability, but the carefully designed product range also provides flexibility and security.

The windows are low maintenance and will last for decades. This not only means that Internorm uPVC-aluminium windows are a cost-effective option for any large residential, school, care home or office, the outstanding thermal performance, with U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m²K), make the alu-clad uPVC windows the ideal solution for Passivhaus and EnerPHit projects.

The Internorm uPVC-aluminium product range includes:

  • KF 310: Uw – 0.69 W(m²K); 45dB; RC1N/RC2; construction depth 71/74mm
  • KF 410: Uw – 0.62 W(m²K); 48dB; RC1N/RC2; construction depth 90/93mm
  • KF 510: Uw – 0.63 W(m²K); 46dB; RC2/RC3; construction depth 90/93mm; I-tec Secure
  • KF 520: Uw – 0.63 W(m²K); 46dB; RC2/RC3; construction depth 90/93mm; I-tec Secure; concealed sash
  • KV 440: with integrated blind; Uw – 0.64 W(m²K); 45dB; RC1N/RC2; construction depth 93mm
  • KS 430: lift & slide door; Uw – 0.64 W(m²K); 43dB; RC1N/RC2

Internorm’s high performance windows are triple glazed as standard, inward opening, and with tilt and turn functionality. The uPVC-aluminium windows are available in four distinct design styles to suit any architectural design or period. They can also easily be combined with Internorm’s timber-aluminium composite windows without changing the external appearance.

If noise pollution is an issue, then Internorm uPVC alu clad windows can offer acoustic performance of up to 48dB, making them the ideal window solution for urban developments near busy roads, railway lines or airports.

uPVC-aluminium windows, doors, and lift & slide doors from Internorm offer a good value alternative to both aluminium and other more standard composite varieties. Colour-matched, integrated Juliette balconies can also be included within the design of windows and doors.      

Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows have several benefits, such as durability, low-maintenance, and corrosion-resistance.

They are slim and contemporary in style and available in many colours. However, they are not as thermally efficient as some timber or composite windows and doors, but this depends on the profile and thermal break technology. However, this improvement in efficiency comes at a cost, and aluminium windows are generally more expensive than composite alu clad uVPC or timber windows.

Although they have been a firm favourite with architects, the trend is definitely shifting towards high-performance triple-glazed uPVC-aluminium or timber-aluminium composite windows and doors. Not just cost but energy efficiency, security, acoustic performance, as well as sustainability, have become key factors in a build, especially when a fabric first approach is adopted. Low maintenance and longevity, especially for rental properties, are also crucial to the decision-making process.

Dedicated support every step of the way

So, if you an architect, developer or QS looking for high performance windows and doors, contact our Commercial team. You will be dealing directly with a dedicated member of the team, who will be able to work with you to find the best and most cost-effective window and door solutions for your project.

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