Best Windows for New Construction

uPVC Aluminium

With various models, the uPVC aluminium range has incredible commercial application, which provides a versatile and sleek aesthetic whilst performing at a high quality standard. With durable core strength, the multichambered frame supplies secure hardware and delivers a comprehensive performance level which Internorm are proud of. Compatible with any high end project that you may be dealing with, end users will benefit from various upgrades, including our very own I-tec innovations. 

KF 310

The KF 310’s rounded edges of sash and frame convey a sense of harmony, whether in upVC window classic white or with protective aluminium cladding. The continuous round bonding of the glass pane makes the window more stable and increases burglary protection. Its 6 chamber profile ensures a thicker and more efficient thermal insulation, perfect for keeping families warm in the colder months.

KF 410

Alongside the 310 models, the KF 410 has the same effect. Although it’s important to note that Internorm’s new I-tec Insulation insulates the frame seamlessly and dramatically improves the thermal insulation – giving you a comfortable and cosy environment throughout the day. We ensure that you will receive a good and sustainable improvement solution with our additional innovations.

KF 520

The KF 520 has a technical and impressive design with innovative design. The window sash is not visible from the outside due to its glass appearance, which cannot be distinguished from the fixed elements. Adding to this, the I-tec secure is included, which renders levering of the window almost impossible; and the integrated flaps press on all sides into the profile when locking to ensure the best security protection.

KV 350

It may appear that the KV 350 model has narrow window features. Although, there are four main advantages: sound reduction, thermal insulation, sun and privacy protection. This helps with cleaning, the blind is protected by glass panes from wind, bad weather, and dirt. Internorm windows will be made completely bespoke to needs and requirements regardless of the situation and location. 

KV 440

Having a window with integrated blinds provides a traditional option. Blinds, Venetian blinds or the opaque Duette blinds are installed within the KV 440 window panes, which means they are always kept clean and protected. Adding to this, there is a modern twist, the I-tec Smart Window App enables a convenient operation of our blinds through compatible tablets and Smartphones!

Commercial Windows

Timber Aluminium

Serving a wide range of commercial applications, these windows are always a well received product that end users enjoy for many decades after the project is complete. With a high quality composite profile, we can help blend versatility with an all round performance. They are ideal for all commercial projects, taking in the amazing visual benefits of timber and supporting them with thermally efficient and weatherproof properties.

HF 310

The combination of timber, aluminium and thermal foam creates an incredible insulating layer between them. With its thermal performance comes a weather-resistant profile, making the HF 310, in particular, a classic style amongst timber aluminium windows. All around, the glass pane (our I-tec Glazing) ensures a great durable and stable protection, allowing the interior to avoid any damaging exposure to rain.

HF 410

With a range of colour combinations, the HF 410 provides many possibilities for space. Adding to this, we offer the highest quality laminated timber composite encased with solid spruce – this resource saving and available at a cost effective price! All our models are bespoke, meaning that you can find the perfect window solution for any situation.

HF 400

This particular window model, the HF 400, has a slim and elegant design that is ideal for all building projects – whether new builds or refurbishments. Due to its narrow window frames, the glass appears larger, making the living space look open and spacious. The aluminium colours can be made bespoke to your choice, so you can seamlessly blend your style into the desired design.

HV 450

Why not make a wonderful transition from frame to sash and include the integrated sun protection that we offer between the panes? This makes the HV 540 one whole system, and there is a huge x4 amount of more protection in one window from the sun, thermal insulation and sound reduction too! The versatility of this product provides you with the functionality it needs throughout every season of the year!

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